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Freequently Asked Questions

Where are you Located?

Plot No. 668, Chibwa Road, Kabwata, Lusaka 10101, Zambia. We are temporally located at the aforementioned address as we negotiate for a central location in Town.

You can call us on: +260 966 429 996 for directions.

How Much are E-Cigs?

Our various range of E-Cigs also varies in price. We stock both low – medium and High end (Premium) segment E-Cigs. The former range between K95.00 – K199.00 whilst the latter range between K285.00 – K1,200.00. 

How much are E-Liquids?

Our various range of E-Cig Liquids also varies in price. We stock both low – medium and High end (Premium) segment E-Cig Liquids. The former range between K30.00 – K49.99 whilst the latter range between K50.00 – K120.00.

What are the differences between the low-medium range of products and the premium range of products ?

Both low – medium and High end (Premium) ranges are fully compliant, tried and tested and authentic. However, they differ on the techniques employed to manufacture them (In the case of E-Liquids); for E-Cigs, the difference comes in- in terms of battery life (Atomizers), E-Liquid capacity and in some cases design.

Is Vaping Safe?

According to research conducted by WHO, vaping was found to be safe and a whole lot better than smocking Cigarettes. The pros are too numerous to mention other than no scent, no tar and other toxins found in cigarettes and eco-friendly.

Is buying an E-Cig device once off or I will have to buy it over and over again?

Acquiring a compliant and authentic device is of the most essence if you are trying to quit smocking. That’s where we come in; at VaporTech Zambia, we pride ourselves as suppliers and distributors of Authentic and fully compliant vape devices – in the long-run, saving you money and the hustle and bustle of trying to fix your e-cig device. All you will be required to do is service your devices with our readily available and also authentic accessories. Remember, servicing is free at our head office so you only pay for the accessories.  

We are a one-stop shop for Anything Vape!

We are a Zambian company that puts your health and budget first! Get Authentic products and Vape on!

Call Us Anytime: +260 966 429 996